20 February 2017

Dulcelin Gourmet's Frozen Mango Torte

We just came from breakfast at Poach. The mommies I was with suggested passing by Dulcelin, a residence-looking place where the order is placed with an assistant. Then, after payment, she will go in to retrieve it. I haven't tried their cakes yet, so I bought a Frozen Mango Torte, a specialty, they said. It was a cake for no occasion.

Behold! The box. A sturdy one to stand the freezer environment.

Whipped cream peaks!

The sweet whipped cream complemented the sour mangoes.

The torte was nutty and chewy.

As with frozen cakes, the challenge was cutting it right after taking it out of the freezer.

I deem it pricey at P750. What do you think?

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