23 June 2017

The Fisher Mall VIP Cinema Experience

I was so happy to finally see the much raved about movie, Wonder Woman.

Usually, we watch at the regular cinema of Fisher Mall. A ticket costs Php250. This time, we decided to try the mall's VIP Cinema. It's kind of like the business class of movie houses.

For twice the price, we get:
  • A large drink each, soda or iced tea
  • Option of coffee
  • Unlimited popcorn at the push of a button on the table that has cupholders
  • Recliner armchairs where we could put our feet up
  • Woolly blankets wrapped individually in pouches, I didn't know where to place the thin pouches, though

It was quite comfy. The temperature was low so we all used the blankets. I wore my jacket. Although the movie already started while the lights were still on, it was an enjoyable experience. The kids liked it! I wonder if they will still want to watch in the regular cinemas. Uh-oh!
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