21 April 2008


My first birthday as a mommy has passed. Something special about that? Maybe not, because my daughter could not greet me "Happy Birthday" yet. I just got a year older, and maybe became more mature as a person because of the responsibilities of being a wife and mother.
I am at a stage which almost every woman goes through. It is how I face it as a Christian that matters, shining light and setting fire on these facets through God's magnifying lens. Keeping in mind and heart His love for me. Everyday I thank Him for blessing me with a wonderful husband and a beautiful child. It is with this feeling that I strive to please them, nurture them, take care of them, praise them.
Yes, I am not the focus, though I know God's eyes are on me and He will reward my every deed. I am here to shower them with all my love. When can I do this if not now? While I am still living, while I have youth and strength, then I will be the best God has destined me to be. I will be God's instrument of love and make my family feel very special.
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