09 August 2008


8 reasons why this date has no significance for me.
  1. It is not my birthday.
  2. It is neither the birthday of my family nor my friends.
  3. I am not part of the Olympics.
  4. I have no important appointments.
  5. It's just an ordinary working day.
  6. I did not give birth.
  7. I do not own any establishments that opened on this day.
  8. I was not affected by the luck that is associated with the number 8.
However, the blood that courses through my veins is mostly Chinese, so I am proud how the Chinese handled the burden of hosting this year's Olympics (so far, its opening is great). I have 8 phrases/words associated with the presentation that's "made in China".
  1. Wonderful synchronizations
  2. Awe-inspiring
  3. Chinese history
  4. Admirable talents
  5. Human resources
  6. Visual stimulation
  7. Spirit
  8. Lights, sounds, action!
I got to watch the opening at my parents' home where my family and I went to have dinner with my mom, my syoti, my eldest brother and his family, my aunties from Chicago and their family. The ambiance was festive and a variety of dishes were served courtesy of my mom, my sis-in-law and my syoti. To name a few:
  1. Grilled Angus beef
  2. Red sauce pasta
  3. Potato gratin
  4. Mashed potatoes
  5. Chicken with churizzo
  6. Grilled asparagus
  7. Corn soup
  8. Fruit bowl with sabayon sauce
Ah! I have broken my promise to diet, again. Oh well! Like they said, "It's better to have eaten then died, rather than to die with an empty stomach." Do you agree?
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