11 August 2008

That's my bread!

Do you like bread?

I do... especially when it is soft and fluffy.

It was first given to us by a client of Rix's. It's a special kind of bread, it has its flour mixed with cheese. The top of the loaf has melted cheese which is chewy and tasteful to the bite. The middle has a swirl of cheese, which is a bit concentrated so it's flavorful when one gets to that part. We were drawn to it, so we decided to look for an outlet where we could procure some. We drove to Manila and when we got there, there were plenty of customers lined up in front of the counters waiting for their orders. We had to wait a while for our turn.

December came, and we decided to share this with our families. We hoped they liked it. Until now, this client still goes to buy at this store and he would give us a loaf. It comes in other flavors like ube and chocolate, which are also yummy, with the signature swirls and the flavored tops.

Where could you get one?

Located at 1650 Dapitan corner Don Quijote, Sampaloc, Manila, this is their main.
They also have a branch at Fiesta Market Market Global City, Taguig.
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