06 August 2008

Confession: I'm an addict

Yes! I am addicted to MCF, a.k.a. Mystery Case Files. I even have a training version of it in my flash disk that I play at work. He he! Rix discovered it somewhere and he DLed the 4 in 1. We finished the MCF: Ravenhearst and now, I am playing MCF: Madame Fate. He, in turn, is playing MCF: Prime Suspects.

It's fun! It features scenes of places significant to the game theme, there is a list of objects to find in these scenes on the right panel. It allows me to train my eyes to be keen to details because some are tiny or camouflaged. Then, there are also puzzles that need logic to solve. The games are timed so it piques my speed to find the clues and unravel the mysteries.

I would highly recommend this engaging game to anyone who is up to the challenge.
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