05 August 2008

food experiment

It's noontime! What's for lunch? Rix and I planned to cook baby back ribs on a lazy Sunday. I called up my syoti* for the ingredients. What we used were:
  • tomato sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • sweet blend ketchup
  • black ground pepper
  • mustard
  • Coke
  • radish
  • vinegar
  • white sugar
We combined all of the above and pressure cooked the ribs in it. We didn't grill it anymore, or baked it (since we do not have an oven). Rix just decided to pressure cook it various times until tender and sauce became thick. It turned out well, but it was lacking in salt to enhance flavor.

Not much of a presentation, eh?

*syoti - Fookien Chinese for little brother. He had a degree in HRIM - Culinary, that's why I was asking him about recipes.
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