27 September 2008

A smiling irony

It was the end of the first day of the ACE workshop. I was talking with one of my colleagues, when I looked down at my cellphone and saw a message from my hubby Rix. He was asking me to buy our dinner. I solicited ideas from him because I didn't know what he'd prefer, so he said fried chicken from this very popular fast food joint. Off I went to the nearest branch inside the mall adjoining the building of our head office.
First thing I noticed while waiting in line was the employees' reminder hanging from the ceiling. Maybe it was hung too high? Maybe it needed flashing neon lights? I don't know. But what I know is that the ones in this zone weren't smiling at all. They were even frowning and looking all too grumpy for my peace of mind. I was also wondering, why is this the only area where they can smile? Is it because they are front liners to the customers? Won't that make them hypocritical? Weren't they supposed to smile at their colleagues too, to foster a lively working atmosphere?
Oh well, whatever their reason may be, I don't really care. I was in quite a hurry to go home as the workshop ended a tad late. I don't want to be met by a roaring hungry hubby.
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