28 September 2008

A date of late

Grocery night with Rix is date night. We would go either to Landmark in Trinoma or S&R on Congressional Avenue. We would sometimes take our dinner before grocery shopping or eat snacks afterwards. I look forward to these nights because we get to enjoy each other's company minus the baby. It's kinda like college once again, when we were still "exclusively dating". Going on a date is important for married couples, so they'd be reminded why they were together in the first place; what they love about each other, to hold each other's hands.
Some other things couples could do to keep the flame burning brightly:
  • Relax together - go to a spa, get a massage or a foot spa in a couple's room; have coffee together, talk about anything while taking sips
  • Sweat together - play sports together, bungee jump while holding hands (is that possible?), cycle in your favorite park; then smell each other! Ha ha!
  • Daydream together - just staring off into space for a couple of hours, then ask what each other's revelations or dreams are
  • Try new adventures together - new restaurants, new amusement park rides, new hotel rooms
  • One thing I realize I like doing with my hubby is shopping for our home. When we first moved in together, we made a list of things that we still need like garbage bins, hampers, shelves, etc. It's exciting as it's like we're in on a project together. Making decisions on the size, shape, color and quantity.

Recently, we made a new addition to our rugs. I love the way it gives a little sophistication to the threshold of our bathroom. It is soft to the feet that even Elhaym likes stepping on it while wiggling her toes to really get the feel of the rug.

It was purchased here. (see below)

We took advantage of the sale for members. Some items were tagged as BUY 1 TAKE 1 and some prices were slashed into half. Many people graced the treat and we had to fall in line and wait our turn for 30 minutes to 1 hour. I looked at the carts beside us and was amazed to see how people could hoard so much stuff! They must have large houses with large pantries and storage rooms!

After we paid for our purchases, Rix suggested we do something that made me smile. We bought ice cream in cones! Yippee! I tried the banana split flavor. Yummy! I kept licking and licking and licking... I think I arrived home with a goofy grin on my face.

I kept on hoping that our next date would be a movie date, something that we haven't done for a very long time. :-)

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