22 October 2008

What I won't do

There was a daddy who was working on his new, nice and shiny car. His little son came over to look. He picked up one of daddy's tools and without warning, scratched the side of this car. Daddy was sooooo mad he striked his son's hands. He then looked down to see a hammer in his hand.

In the hospital, the little boy looked up at his daddy and asked, "Will my fingers grow back?" Daddy was filled with shame and guilt.

While standing at the garage, daddy stepped back to survey the damage done by his little son. He gasped as he read the words "I love you, daddy".

Heartbreaking... isn't it?

With my own child, I promise not to:
  • Do something harsh (or say something demoralizing) in anger, which I will regret for the rest of my life
  • Compare her to other people's children, or even to her own sibling as she is unique and wonderful in her own special ways
  • Spank her just because her grades are low
  • Interrupt when she's speaking, even if her reasoning is a little on the wrong side
  • Ignore her material wants, there may be an emotional need behind them

How about you? What do you promise NOT to do?
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