15 November 2008

It's Time For That List Again!

Christmas List
a tag from Meg

Material stuff:
1. Nice clothes - I plan to make designs and give them to a dressmaker to be customized. Would that cost more than buying RTW's? I wonder...
2. Different shoes for different get-ups - If only I was rich...
3. A nice belt for any outfit - Is there such a thing?

"Big" stuff:
1. Live and work abroad - Where? New Zealand, Australia, the U.S. (maybe, but with the economical crisis, I'm not so sure it's a good idea), Canada? Do you have any suggestions?
2. Have our own home with a nice garden where Elhaym could play and run and tumble. It should have a porch with a swing where I could read stories to her.
3. A baby boy - This is big stuff since having another baby entails a larger budget, from the CS delivery to the little needs. He can't very well have his sister's dresses, right?

1. Pet dogs - I miss hugging real dogs, but I have to wait until Elhaym's older and can help me take care of these dogs
2. A facial, a concealer, anti-aging creams, firming lotions
3. Be slimmer, instantly! (That's why this is a wish list.)

Super wishes:
1. Health for my family and friends.
2. True love for everyone!
3. Last, but not the least, I wish that people would have a deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I'm tagging little miss firefly, hearthur, mai da paypay and everyone else.

I made a wish list for last Christmas. I still haven't got all of them. What makes me think I will get all of these?
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