19 May 2009

Green Beach Hopes

Together with Rix's friends and their families, we went to a beach in Subic. I returned with rashes on my forearms. It's sad to know that the sea water there was unclean. And there weren't any trash cans near the hut where we rested and grilled barbecue in between dipping and building sand mountains. I am no super environmentalist, but I feel real guilty leaving trash on the floor or throwing it out the car window. Too bad many people are not conscientious of polluting their own city or town. There are also place owners who do not provide the proper waste disposal equipments. And also the law enforcers are not strict in implementing the ordinances on waste management. The same goes for vandalism, stealing of public signage and burning of trash just about anywhere, just to name a few. The view is nice and the place inviting, only if it was maintained properly.

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