13 August 2009

Food Experiment #6

Tilapia Corn Chowder

We had tilapia, so instead of the usual steaming or frying, I decided to try something else. I googled recipes of tilapia soup and this looked the easiest. But instead of bacon, I used leftover SPAM from our breakfast. Since we do not have an oven, I just fried the SPAM then set it aside. While I was sauteing the onions, red & green bell peppers and celery in oil (which I used for the SPAM) and butter, my hubby Rix said that it smelled good. That's a good sign! When the veggies started to soften, I added in 4 cups of water with chicken bouillons and potatoes. Then when the potatoes began to soften, I poured in my canned corn, along with the water to add more corn flavor. Plus, i stirred in the tilapia fillets. I turned off the fire and removed the casserole from the heat when the fish was cooked. I didn't have heavy cream, so I used all-purpose cream instead. I poured this in along with a tablespoon of lemon and the SPAM I cooked earlier.

"Not bad", was Rix said, and I also liked it. I don't really like celery, but I got to eat them in this recipe. Its softness was just right, and the taste was concealed by the corn, and I like corn. I would definitely make this again, I'll try it with bacon next time.
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