25 October 2009

Chowder you doing today?

I just realized, I love making chowder (although this was just my second time to make it). It's yummy and easy. I like thick and creamy soups like this. I just tweaked a few ingredients from Big Oven's Tilapia Corn Chowder recipe. I also added some cheese on top. If only I had no allergic reactions to shrimp or other seafood, I'd make Shrimp Chowder or Clam Chowder. I do not know why I was suddenly having super itchy lesions whenever I ingest shrimp and sometimes, I don't know what. They just appear all of a sudden. So, these days, Zyrtec is my very good friend. My guess is that my blood is already very polluted due to my fatty liver. Hmm... I wonder what other ingredients I could use for my next chowder?
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