15 December 2009

My "Nightmare" Before Christmas

Ah, next week is Christmas already. So fast. I am a bit anxious as I have not finished what I needed to do yet. *almost panic mode*

What can I say about this holiday season? Christmas brings out the best in people. They are kinder, more patient, more generous, they smile more often. I hope this lasts the whole year through, though. Christmas also brings out the worst in people. Counterfeit money are being produced, and more robbers prowl the streets. I fell victim to two of them a few days ago. It was a scary experience, thank God they just wanted my bag and they didn't stab me. I lost my cellular phone, home keys and a couple of ID cards. Good thing my ID cards don't have my residential address. On top of my Christmas tasks, I also have to replace those ID cards. *sigh*

I was afraid I'll dream of the scary robbery scene when I go to sleep. At that time, I was reading the Twilight Saga. I don't know why, but I dreamed of Jacob (but I haven't seen New Moon yet!) instead. So weird! I guess the book had me distracted, I'm thankful for that. But there are times I stare off into space and the images come to my mind's eyes. I had to shake them off. I am sure I won't be going to that place alone anymore.

Anyway, since my cellular phone "died", but not of a natural death, my dear hubby bought me a new one. I am so glad! This is my very first official Christmas gift.
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