23 December 2009

Season's Wishes

There is something magical about the Christmas season. It makes us giddy with childlike expectations, as if something wonderful is about to come our way. It gives us a glimmer of hope, that some positive change is waiting to happen, that wishes do come true. Maybe it is in view of this that we make wish lists and hope that some kind soul will grant our hearts' desires. Another reason for making this list is for a practical purpose, so we would get exactly what we need or want and that our friends and family would not have to waste time, effort and money on something we would rather donate next Christmas.

They say,"Giving is better than receiving." Christmas presents us with the opportunity to be selfless. It is one of my wishes that our country be healed. That means the removal of the corrupt officials in position, that our fellow countrymen will love the environment and showcase the love of God as a Christian nation. It makes me sad to see that many people (and children follow their examples) throw their garbage, even as small as a candy wrapper, on the streets. Like the whole country is their trash can. I also wish that everyone will have enough - enough work to fill their needs, enough time for their family and friends, enough faith in God to face a daunting tomorrow, knowing He will make all things work for our good. Of course, I would wish for my families' and my friends' great health, which is very important, so they may enjoy the delicious food especially this holiday season. And to be able to try the yummy food features of NomNom Club, too!

There are a couple of wishes I have for myself. First is that I won't be idle being a housewife and a stay-at-home mommy. I wish I could be making something I love and others will love, too, in the comfort of my home while having a small income on the side. That way, I will not be so much of a burden. Second, is that I will have a safe pregnancy and delivery of my second baby. And that he or she will be healthy and happy and would get along with his or her older sister very well.

These are my wishes this Christmas, and also my prayers to the Lord.
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