01 February 2010

The Dream Dollhouse For Me


Last Christmas, my daughter Elle received a dollhouse set from a couple, who are close friends of mine and my hubby's. Elle gets it out to play with almost everyday. The details of the dollhouse are fine unlike some other ones with less quality. The flooring of the different areas are not just flat. There is parquet for the bedrooms and den, tiled toilet & bath and kitchen, wooden boards for the attic and dining area. Pieces of furniture can be rearranged. There is a 4-seater dining set, two beds, a love seat, a lamp, a TV console, a TV, a bath tub and a watercloset with a cover that can be opened. The refrigerator in the kitchen can also be opened. The sink is recessed, the range and some items on the counter top are molded. The bedrooms have French doors leading to balconies. The dolls consists of a family of four and a family dog with its own doghouse attached to the facade of the house. The middle portion floors and columns of the house can be folded up so the two sides can be swung in to conceal the rooms and just show the outside of the dollhouse. What I don't like about it are the lack of imaginative colors on the outer and inner walls of the dollhouse and the detachable ladders that lack stability when put up. But, overall, this is a great dollhouse set children would enjoy.

If I were to design my own dream dollhouse, I'd have themed designs for every room. The kitchen could have a country feel with flowered curtains for the window, the same flowered design could be on the cushions for the wooden chairs with a matching table in the nook. The cupboards would have varnished doors in light oak. The walls would have be painted in sunshine yellow. There would be little baskets to hold some miniature produce. The living area would sport a contemporary look with an L-shaped sofa upholstered in soft beige leather. The walls would be of floor to ceiling faux glass. Other furniture would consist of a coffee table, a bar with bar stools made with materials that would look like glass and chrome. The den would have an accent rug in psychedelic design. Its theme would be a colorful retro style. Bright hues of red, blue, purple and orange shall splash the space. I'd like a Zen, spa-like theme for the master bedroom. With a simple yet relaxing surrounding, and colors of nature in its palette. If there would be a nursery in the dollhouse, the furniture would be painted in pastel colors and the wallpaper would look like this:

 I found this wallpaper design in the site of an online dollhouse components retailer, who can provide dollhouse-making enthusiasts with doll house kits. If I can't design my real house the way I truly like it to be, then I could probably do it with a dollhouse, right?
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