22 February 2010

A Little Anxious, Perhaps?

Here's my good little girl, staying still as the hair stylist snipped away at her hair. This was Elle's second time to get a haircut, but her first time to have it done at a salon or more like a barber shop. This was taken last month. She didn't look super confident, did she? What's interesting in this barber shop was there were wash basins and shower heads on the counters right in front of the customers. All they had to do was turn the chair around, lower the backs of the chairs, and they could wash the hair on the spot! The customers need not stand up and walk farther. But I didn't subject Elle to hair washing anymore, she might get scared and the water's cold. It's true what I heard from my MIL and SIL, frequent cutting of hair makes it thicker. Elle's hair has more volume now, though she just had her hair trimmed twice. When it gets longer, I'll schedule another haircut.

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