27 March 2010

Hair And Now

It is summertime here in the country and one of the ways to keep cool is to sport short hairstyles. I, for one, had my locks chopped off last January in preparation for the heat, for my pregnancy (some say long hair competes with nutrients that are intended for the baby), for my dad's wig and for a change. Right now, I have shoulder-length layered hair with occasionally side-swept bangs (some say bangs make a woman look younger). I do not normally like bangs because I imagine it would cause my forehead to be peppered with pimples. Also, one time my mom cut them a tad too short, I didn't know how to hide them, and it took forever to grow them back. In spite of that, I decided to give them one more shot and live with it when it's not very nice. Surprisingly, they kind of flattered me, well, sometimes. One of my brothers even said the style suits me, that I look pretty. Awww!

I am not someone who is very adventurous with her hair styles, and also my hair color remains natural. I just had highlights once. And late last year, I decided to have my hair permed. Just big waves near the bottom, and not very kinky like some black hairstyles. What I want from my stylists is that my hair could be tied up when needed and that even if I forgot to comb or brush it, it will still look OK. Do you think that's a tall order? 

When I am about to give birth, my hair would have grown longer again. I need to have it cut yet again, because according to our elders, after the delivery of baby, I am not supposed to bathe for a month! Since I am residing in a tropical country, my scalp would itch like crazy. So short hair is still advisable. I wonder how else could short hair be styled?

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