29 March 2010

Reunion With Nature

For two Sundays this month, my hubby Rix, my daughter Elle and I have gone to the University of the Philippines (U.P.) to get some fresh air and some exercise early in the morning. Rix went biking with his friends while I take leisurely walks with Elle. Many people were there to either jog or cycle. It was nice to get in touch with nature after time spent breathing in the air pollution and suffering the noise pollution of living in the city. Below are some photos I took using my cellphone camera of my beloved Alma Mater.

Lined with Acacia trees

A rendezvous

A giant's outdoor dining area

Photo taken by Elle - Loyal to U.P.? My shirt translates to 'I love U.P.', got this from my org

In view of our recent activity, I stumbled upon  this site, My Four Monkeys with a very, very lovely Zigo Leader X2 giveaway that will be super useful for our Sunday activity. I could ride the bike, so it's exercise for me, and my little Elle could enjoy nature's scenery sitting in the child carrier in front. It's a wonderful product for the family and I am amazed by the concept of it. It also encourages its users to  have fun while going "green". 

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