02 June 2010

Happy Dad's Day in advance!

I was never very close with my dad. He's the quiet one, compared with my mom; although he is a known public speaker amongst his friends and associations. He was not very vocal to us about his feelings, asking permission for a sleep over was always with my mom. But he expresses his talents by playing instruments like the recorder. And somehow I know that he is quite an understanding man. I appreciate that now.

One of the things I love about my husband is that I realize now, he's a terrific dad to our daughter Elle. He's very hands-on, even when Elle was just a baby. It seems he is more adept at it than I am! He's also a better cook! I really am blessed to have him. It warms my heart to see father and daughter playing and laughing together. I could not remember a time when my dad and I were like that.

Speaking of dads, yesterday was the birthday of my grandpa who passed away last March. I would think that he was a good dad, his seven kids did turn out well. He then concentrated on being a good grandfather to us after grandma went ahead to heaven due to breast cancer. I think he was strong and he even put up a business so his kids could go to good schools. I miss him.

To all dads out there, a message from your children:

Father’s day cards at Zazzle

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