05 June 2010

Toasts and Buns from Kopi Roti

I have always wanted to try the food at Kopi Roti, but the chance never presented itself. After a late dinner at North Park, Banawe, my friend and I saw Kopi Roti across the street and decided to buy some goodies to take home. I had the Kaya Toast, Kopi Bun and Choco Bun. I wanted to try them for my midnight snack if I get hungry, but alas, sleep got the better of me. So I just had to eat them for breakfast the next day instead.

First, I tried the Kaya Toast, 4 sets of sandwiches with butter and Kaya spread in between. Kaya spread like a coconut jam. I liked it so much I forgot to take pictures. Too bad the spread was too thin that only the slightest flavor could be tasted. I think they put in more butter. Then, I had the Kopi Bun. It was bigger than I thought. I had to eat it in two to three sittings. The crusty top was fragrant and smelled of coffee. The insides were soft and I really liked the wet, buttery bottom.

Next up, for snack time, was the Choco Bun. All I could say was that I liked the Kopi Bun better.

When I have given birth, I'd like to try their coffee sometime. I think it'd be nice to have breakfast at the shop, although the place was a bit small.
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