08 June 2010

C is for Crown

I wanted to make a crown for my little princess. After looking through search results in Google, I found an easy one using a paper plate. I cut it like how I would a pie. I used glitter glue to make the designs, then I folded up the triangles when it's dry.

The plate I used was waxed, I think, so the designs came off almost instantly. Maybe I should have cut shapes of gems and jewels the pasted them there instead, but the video I saw used glitter glue, too. Another error I made was that I didn't cut the triangles farther back, so it didn't really fit Elle's head like a crown would. When she tried to squeeze her head in, the crown ripped.

Oh, well! I guess I'll have to make another one. Use a different kind of paper plate. Or I will use a different style in making crowns.

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