02 July 2010

Food Experiment #9

I like cooking using leftover ingredients, is that weird? I don't like leaving something in my fridge to turn bad. I had leftover raw ground beef from a dish I made earlier, and some potatoes from another dish, some leftover tomato paste and all-purpose cream. I had these leftovers because the recipe I followed did not entail using a whole pack, and the market doesn't sell 1/4 kg. of ground beef, the minimum had to be half a kilogram. I read a blog post featuring a spud diner where the dishes were mostly comprised of potatoes. That's where I got the idea to do a cheesy beef and potato casserole (this is not really a casserole, I just like the sound of it, he he!). 

I think this would be better if I had an oven, even just a small one that could fit a rectangular Pyrex dish. I'll need to save up for that.  Anyway, I peeled the potatoes and had them boiling so to soften them. I then sauteed the ground beef in onions, added some herbs and spices, put in the tomato paste and cream then set it aside. The potatoes should not be too soft for it needed to be sliced into disc shapes. In a pot, I layered the beef sauce, then some grated cheese, then the potatoes alternately until they're all used up. There should be beef sauce topped with grated cheese on the uppermost layer. I fired up the stove and heated the concoction until the cheese melts. Voila! I don't know what it's called but I was thinking of lasagna the whole time, my potatoes being the substitute for the pasta.

Sorry the photo doesn't look very appetizing!
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