26 October 2010

Familiar with Tummy Time?

I didn't know about Tummy Time until I read the book entitled Love, Charleston. According to one of the characters in the book, Tummy Time benefits the baby by promoting "trunk stability, limb coordination, and head control, all of which would aid the baby in turning over and crawling as he grew older." It also prevents positional plagiocephaly, also known as the flathead syndrome. I sure hope Tummy Time will help my baby Caleb as he is starting to develop this condition. I also massage his head gently and I place him on the crib on his non-flat side during nap times and bedtimes. I read a helpful article on Parenting.com called Baby Steps: Tummy Time Tips. There are also other related articles there. Often, Caleb would enjoy it while I put myself within his viewing range and cheer for him. There are times that it seems like a struggle for him and he'd cry. When I see that he's having quite a hard time, I stop it and try again next time.

Lifting his head during tummy time
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