07 November 2010

Promoting Business Online

More and more people are going online and joining social networking sites. According to Internet World Stats, an estimated 1,966,514,816 people around the world are Internet users as of June 30, 2010. Entrepreneurs recognize the fact that their target markets use the Internet almost on a daily basis. Therefore, more and more sellers are setting up shop online. I log on almost everyday when I can to check e-mails, surf, blog and chat. I also plan to buy a pair of flats and a bag online myself.

For example, when you sell funny t-shirts and you have a website for that, you can utilize a social marketing campaign and Twitter to promote your products. I have read about Twitter parties to get people acquainted with a particular website and products. There they have a discussion going on, and there's even a giveaway for the participants. It really is helpful for companies to gain exposure. My hubby runs a machine shop and I was wondering if it could help his business if I promote it online. I am not sure if his clients or potential clients go online, too. I am pondering how I am going to investigate the answer to this dilemma.

I think this is the same as promoting my blog. I try to gain exposure by commenting on other people's blogs, joining blog communities and discussions, and using Twitter and Facebook to post my new entries. Potential clients need to know that a business establishment is trustworthy, accessible, up-to-date and delivers quality products & services. Its website must be presentable, contains complete information and easy to navigate.
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