29 November 2010

Can Relate

I know I'm way behind, but I just watched SATC 2 recently then I saw this quiz on a blog just now and decided to give it a try. I took the quiz here.

Quiz Result:

You are Charlotte York.

(Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema)

You’re a prim and proper princess and a straight-up girly-girl. You’ve fantasized about your perfect wedding ever since you first laid eyes on a bridal magazine as a tween. You are a hopeless romantic who places a lot of importance on ideals and traditions—and, unlike other women, you refuse to believe that chivalry is dead. In relationships, you sometimes want to take things to the next level way before your partner is ready to. But don’t fret, The One is out there, somewhere—you just haven’t found him yet! Your optimistic nature is refreshing and greatly appreciated by your more cynical friends (even if they’ll never cop to it). You’re going to make an amazing wife and mother (if you aren’t one already), and ‘til your dying day, you’ll remain one classy dame.

261 out of 902 ( 28.93% ) of respondents who took this quiz got the same result.
I could relate with Charlotte's struggle as a mom because as much as we love our kids, they do drive us crazy sometimes. She went with the idea of taking a day off, relaxing, doing her own thing and having time to miss her kids. I think this is good for full time mommies and I am thankful I have a husband who understands. He allows me to spend a relaxing time with one of my close friends. He was the one who stays with the kids when I go out. I love him so much!
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