01 December 2010

Time for Bazaars...

...here in the Philippines, especially Metro Manila now that Christmas is approaching. I will be participating, selling:


The bazaar will be held in Quezon City Sports Club on December 11-12. It's called:

If you are in the Philippines, and if you are in Metro Manila, why don't you come over? You might find suitable gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. :-)

It is my first time ever to join a bazaar as a concessionaire. I am excited and at the same time nervous. I am excited to let people be aware of Human Nature 100% natural hair and skin care products, they might like them as I did. These are all natural so no harmful chemicals will be absorbed by the body. These provide a continuous livelihood for farmers in the Philippines since the ingredients are all sourced from the country. Human Nature imports only if there are no available ones locally. I am also nervous because I don't know what to expect in a bazaar, and I am anixous about people purchasing. Any tips?
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