17 December 2010

Boy Number One, Child Number Two

Having a second child entails a unique set of needs and ideas.

First, I had to condition my mind to accept the pain that undergoing C-section brings. Again! Next, I had to prepare my first child in getting used to the notion that she's not going to be the only baby in the house anymore. I taught her to be gentle in what she does, especially to her little brother. I am also teaching her to speak softly around baby Caleb. My heart just melts when she tries to help me in her own ways. I once asked her to get the pack of baby wipes because her baby brother pooped so much, and she did! It's amazing how she can understand instructions.

Since my hubby, my daughter Elle and I have been insured, we needed to look into an online insurance quote or contact our agent again for Caleb. And I know that it will be less expensive if we start early. There were also little significant things to do like having the baby clothes washed and sorted. I kept the girly rompers and dresses in the closet, to be donated in the near future. I am loving hand-me-downs from my cousins and my kids' cousin. It's very cost effective and they are like new. Since babies outgrow their clothes so fast, it is not practical to buy a whole lot. Elle's toys are unisex as of now, so she could share her toy cars, blocks, etc. to Caleb. Some would think that the second child is pitiful because he's getting old stuff, but parents could save more that way and buy him a new and better toy next time. And I believe he would appreciate it more. By the time Caleb would be playing with Elle's toys, she would be interested in something else.

How about you? What are your thoughts on having child number two?
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