22 December 2010

Interesting finds

I participated in this bazaar last weekend. I was selling Human Nature products there.

There were not many people there, therefore, there were very few customers. The reason for this, I cannot fathom. They may not be interested at all, or they have already bought gifts for loved ones ahead of time. So, I patronized some booths, many by students who were there for their thesis, and I went around looking at unique stuff.

I first tried this out. The taste and texture of the cocoa in this mocha drink was prominent. The coffee flavor was mild. I kind of liked it. See, I finished the bottle before I took this picture. I got this from The Red Gourmet, www.facebook.com/theredgourmet, which was primarily selling sun-dried tomatoes in jars for only 240Php.

I think I was the only kid in the Philippines who haven't tried scramble yet. The elders always told me that it was dirty. This was a booth's version of the concoction. It used strawberry syrup instead of chocolate, and it had marshmallows on top. I want to try the ones at the malls next time.

Looks familiar? This design would if you have played Plants vs. Zombies.

They also have designs like this, of sushi with chopsticks and of bento boxes. They are 3-dimensional like they stuck food on the bag. They're yarn, I think. Great way to make a statement, huh? These are from Ragamafin, ragamafin.multiply.com. There are many other designs and they cost around 250Php.

Does your hubby, dad, or brother have an old suit that he doesn't wear anymore? This booth sells handmade bags made from old suits. They recycle them. Isn't that a fun idea? They look sturdy, too! These are from Suit Yourself, suityourself.bags@gmail.com. The pre-made ones are 1,250Php for the flatter ones, and 1,350Php for the ones with harder bases and with a bigger capacity. The sellers said that these could also be used as laptop bags. If you want to use your hubby's, dad's, or brother's suits, they could make it at a discounted price.

Beside my booth were students selling egg tarts called EggtART, eggtartco@gmail.com. Too bad I didn't get to try it. The regular egg tart costs 30Php while the flavored ones cost 35Php each.

P.S. I was not compensated in any way to promote these products.
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