21 January 2011

Evolution of Scrubs

In my world, it used to be that scrubs were worn as hospital uniform only. The surgeons and nurses were decked out in these scary (in a patient's point of view) outfits. They seem to come in the color green. I read somewhere that it is colored thus so that blood on that fabric will become brown since red and green are complementary colors. Because of that, it wouldn't be as disgusting as when the blood's "canvass" is white. That is just in my humble opinion.

It has come to my attention that scrubs are being worn by doctor's assistants or secretaries in doctor's clinics and offices, although they perform very minimal procedures on the patient, sometimes. And some just list the names of the out patients, get the records, answer calls and accept consultation fees on behalf of the doctor.

The ones who patiently care for the elderly also wear scrubs, which look more professional than just a shirt and jeans. Laboratory staff also wear these as uniforms. There are now different types of fabrics that are available. These fabrics come in plain or printed. Most of the time, the printed ones have designs that are cute and attractive. My theory is that when the patients are children, they would think twice about being afraid of the nurse/dentist/medical technician. I know of a couple of dentists who wear scrubs with a smiling tooth on parts of their tops.

Many parents of the children here in the country utilize scrubs as the nannies' official get-up especially when leaving the house. Again, I think they look more professional although there are uniforms specifically for nannies. I may be planning on hiring an all-around helper cum nanny, giving her a uniform to wear when she goes out with us might be a good idea too. I just need to know where to buy medical scrubs. There are medical supply stores in Bambang St., Manila. I wonder if there is a wide range of designs available there.

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