11 February 2011

Food Experiment #10

I wondered what to do with chicken wings and thought of concocting something a bit spicy for my hubby.

I used half a kilo in case something goes awry. I rubbed the wings with salt and pepper and sprinkled some Spanish paprika onto the flour for dipping before frying. Setting aside the fried chicken on paper towels, I melted butter and made a roux using a bit of leftover flour. I then added the mixture of Tabasco, ketchup, vinegar and Knorr seasoning into the pan. When the sauce thickened, I put in the wings and folded them until fully coated. That's it! It was a tad spicy for my palate, but not for my hubby who is immune to hot food stuff. I liked the result of my little experiment, the taste was good and not all hot. I liked the semi-crunchy texture of the fried wings under sauce.

Believe it or not, those are chicken wings

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