17 June 2011

A Few Birthday Party Details

Less than a month to go until my precious daughter turns 4 years old. A princess-themed birthday cake is in order. When she turned three, she had a cake with several Disney princesses as cake toppers. This year, I plan to order a Barbie princess cake for her from Red Ribbon.


My daughter Elle just loves princesses so I will let her dress up as a princess on her joint birthday celebration with her baby brother. She already has a cute and shiny crown courtesy of her godmother Meg. What she needs is a princess-like dress from the girls clothing section in the department store, so, one of these days, we have to go shopping with her. I wonder what she'll choose. Most probably it will be pink and long, and would look like a dress for a flower girl at a wedding entourage.


How about a costume? It will be only Elle wearing a costume, if ever, unless I specify that other girls wear costumes also. But, the party would not be a kiddie party type nor would it be fully princess-themed since it's a joint party. Therefore, it is not a practical choice for us.

Also, we have to find a suitable pair of shoes to go with a pink dress. A pair of white closed shoes is on my mind. Sometimes, it's easier and more fun for a mommy to plan what her little girl would wear.

I must not forget to also scout clothes for my soon-to-be one year old boy, red ones, I suppose.
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