13 June 2011

Parenting by Francis Kong

After attending the school's Parents' Orientation, parents were encouraged to stay for a talk by Mr. Francis Kong. I am not very familiar with him but he seemed like a pretty popular guy who has written 10 books. And I know that he's a speaker. In fact, some parents bought his books just outside the auditorium for him to sign. They even had their pictures taken with him.

Mr. Francis Kong is really gifted in speaking in front of people. He made sure that this seminar wasn't a boring one. And he gave many examples in order that his listeners may retain a point he wants to convey. I guess it was because of this that the one-hour talk extended to around two. But, nobody complained.

He doesn't claim to be an expert on Parenting. Below are some things that he learned through his experiences and wanted to share with other parents.
  • Parents makes mistakes.
  • Parents need to concentrate on the positive, to harness the power of praise. 90% should be focused on the positive and compliments, 10% should be on what he calls corrective, not negative.
  • Parents must respect the talents of their children. 
  • Parents must mind how time flies.
  • Parents must express their love.
Things I want to keep in mind include:
  • Never stop training our children.
  • They are our reflections so we must keep ourselves in check.
  • Let us learn from them.
  • Instead of trying to balance family, work and individual time with each of the kids, think trade-offs
  • Discipline our kids and be stricter with them while they are young. It is easier to loosen as time goes by, than to tighten when they are already more assertive.
  • Be appreciative of our children. Mealtimes are the best times to praise and encourage, rather than to scold and correct, for they may lose their appetite.
  • Allow them to do what they do best as little ones: play.
According to Mr. Francis Kong, parenting must be based on values, for these never change. Wisdom is the application of knowledge based upon values, and what we must instill in our children.

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."

Thomas Jefferson

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