06 June 2011

The Parents and The School

Dear Parents,
What is your relationship with your children's school like? I attended my daughter's school's Parents' Orientation and the principal reiterated that the school and the parents are partners. But, how? According to him:

  • Parents need to entrust their children to the school.
  • The school is open to constructive suggestions from the parents, they aim to keep the communication lines open.
  • The school will try its best to help the parents.
  • The school will not say anything negative about the parents and likewise, the principal asks that the parents do the same. He said that it is not good for the children to hear anything bad about their teachers.
  • Parents need to read and re-read the circulars provided so they could be well-informed of the goings-on in the school.
  • The school's security measures include the fetcher's ID card to be worn by the parents or guardians or nannies when picking up the children or when bringing in lunch. This is to create a safe environment.
  • When the student misbehaves or failed to submit assignments, warnings are issued then parents are contacted, subsequent misconducts will then be punished with detention or suspension. I guess it all depends on the gravity or the frequency. I hope this doesn't happen to my child!
For us, the deciding factors in picking out our daughter's school include its being a Christian school, its teaching of Chinese, its reasonable tuition and recommendation from family members. It is only the second year of my being a mommy with a child in school, in nursery, that is, so I am still a bit clueless about what to expect and about the whole shebang. 

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