19 January 2012

Cherishing Her

As a stay-at-home-mommy, my days are all about the children. Having a new baby, she gets the bulk of my attention so even when I rest, she's still with me. How do I rest then? I lie on our bed with her beside me (because she doesn't want to be left alone). And that's the way we hang out!

So, what do we do when we lay side by side on the bed?
I talk to her.
I sing to her.
I copy her facial expressions.
We engage in a staring contest.
I let her touch my face and she pinches my nose.
I lightly tickle her or do a silly face so I could listen to the sweetest music of all: her laughter!

I used to wonder why babies are cute. Now, I know that it's because being a mom is very challenging. I am trying to savor these times when they are still little. Children grow so fast!
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