04 February 2012

Our Praise Book

I had this natural-looking notebook for the longest time. I even forgot where and why I bought it. I'm glad I took this with me after I got married. One day, I had this idea to put it to good use. I wanted to record encouragements from the people in my life and why they make me happy. I wanted to savor the moments that inspire me. I wanted to write down the blessings from the Lord and our goals as a family.

There's a page for each one of us. I have listed down the things I love about my hubby and the kids. But mine is still blank. I hope to get my partner to do the same for me so I'll know what I'm doing right. 

Then I put down sections like:
  • God's Wonders
  • Prayer Requests
  • Goals
As time goes by, as I discover more traits individual to my children, the list in their pages will be added upon. They will also add to each others' pages so they would not forget how special and how loved they are by their siblings as well as their parents.
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