09 February 2012

About The Mattress

My husband Rix and I have been married for five years. That is also how long our queen-sized mattress, which I thought was a Latex mattress, has been with us. What I liked about our mattress is that it is very thick, about ten inches, and firm. I don't think super soft ones are good for the posture. One of my friends who has scoliosis even slept on the wooden surface of a bed when we were in high school, without any Latex mattress or memory foam mattress. Now, she uses an Orthopedic mattress.

Within four years, and three children later, our mattress has already taken a lot of "beating". 

Our pre-schooler Elle simply loves jumping on our bed, ever since she started to sleep with Rix and me. When she was potty training, I cannot count the number of times accidents have happened. And until now, they are still happening although fewer and more far in-between. There are times that Elle vomits in the middle of the night when she gets sick. So, our poor mattress took that in, too. There are also the incidents of diaper leakage, spit-ups and drools by the other two babies. What more when they start to potty-train too? I think I will leave the question on which to buy, a Latex mattress or a memory foam mattress, until after all my kids have graduated from potty training.

Recently, we purchased Senso Memory Foam Pillows from Uratex. I really am not sure how memory foams work since I sleep in different positions. With the ordinary pillows, I had to use two for better support. With this new pillow though, one is enough. It is heavy and quite firm. Thus, I expect a memory foam mattress to feel the same, too. I wonder how many people it would take to carry it. I searched for an image of the cross section of a memory foam mattress and was amazed to see that it doesn't have springs unlike mattresses before. Even a Latex mattress doesn't need springs! This had me thinking if a memory foam mattress or a Latex mattress could stand the test of being jumped upon by kids.

Our mattress. I wonder what the months are for...
This one will do for now. I just have to start caring for our mattress using the tips found here:
  • Flip the mattress over every six months for even wear
  • Use a mattress cover for protection
  • Remove dust from surface, vacuum
  • Use an upholstery shampoo if the surface becomes soiled or dirty, and dry thoroughly
Purchasing a mattress, be it Latex mattress or a memory foam mattress, needs planning, since this is also a big ticket item, taking into consideration our health and sleep habits is vital. 

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