20 February 2012

A Poem About Caleb

My Baby Boy

What's with a baby boy
To a mother is so dear?
Is it the impish hint when
He grins from ear to ear?

How about his boisterous laughter?
And the mischievous twinkle
Found in his eyes. Or when he's
Up to something, his face begins to crinkle.

It's amazing how he gravitates
Toward cars and balls,
How he picks himself up
When on his butt he falls.

He will play alone, then
Suddenly craves for attention.
What he requires is
A playful kind of affection.

Being tickled he likes,
Or held upside-down.
He also likes funny faces,
A shocked face or a frown.

Animals are a source of amusement,
Surely a visit to the zoo shall be fun.
A growing boy also needs space
To climb, and tumble, and run.

Silly boy breaks into a unique dance.
At times, he does a big hooray.
For making mom laugh with his antics,
He needs lots of sleep at the end of the day.
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