24 February 2012

Gotta Be Sporty, Again!

Sports. I miss watching it. Live! I could still remember the excitement of cheering for your team or schoolmates, the exhilaration  felt when a point is scored or when we actually win. That was enough to get my heart pumping. Although my university usually loses in the most watched game of basketball, State University's pep squad was the champion for many years. The cheering competition, which involves the crowd, was always jam-packed so arriving early and securing seats with your friends or classmates was vital. Something like Ticketamerica.com would be useful. Ticketamerica.com has many seats for all home and away games for college teams like the Harvard Crimson and the Hofstra Pride NCAA sports including the Houston Baptist Huskies teams. Spectators for these colleges would need harvard crimson tickets, hofstra pride tickets and houston baptist huskies tickets.

Don't you go thinking that I only watch sports. One sport that I actively played before was badminton. I found myself missing it one day. I hope to go back to playing it with my hubby, like before, when the kids are a little bigger. This sedentary lifestyle of mine has me:

  • feeling old because of back aches and knee pains
  • annoyed at my even wider hips
  • thinking that my post-pregnancy belly is very stubborn
  • locking in toxins because I don't sweat that much
  • feeling lazy or sluggish or lethargic
All of which are not good! I need to get moving! I could go back to playing badminton, or I could try a little biking. The popular sport nowadays is running. What sport is great for a mommy and would involve fun and family?


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