12 March 2012

Elle's 1st Dental Check-up

When Elle turned a year old, her pediatrician advised me to take her to a dentist. I didn't. I was afraid she would be traumatized. A dentist sis-in-law said she's too young.

Fast forward three years later, I knew I shouldn't wait any longer. I took advantage of her break from school and accompanied her.

I really was scared to find out she had tooth decays already. Thankfully, just a little. I better schedule cleaning, too!

In school, she learned about the dentist and was prepared to have her teeth checked. She was not afraid to sit on the dental chair nor did she show any signs of apprehension when the dentist started to poke around. She declared that the experience did not hurt at all. For being such a good girl, Elle was rewarded with toothbrushes, toothpastes and a lavender balloon made from a glove and has a smiley face drawn on it.

I hope she doesn't freak out during the cleaning next time!

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