16 January 2012

NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center

One day, I decided to date my 4-year-old Elle at Mall of Asia. I was curious about the NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center so I allotted time for a tour of the place. Even though I knew she's too young to appreciate Science stuff, I still thought there might be something that could interest her. Or she might learn something new.
Some of the things seen there
What Elle did there

I think Elle enjoyed even though there were many concepts she doesn't yet understand. Some displays I thought she liked were:
  • The Kinect where she danced
  • The iPad storybooks
  • Watching the show about moon landing in the planetarium with the dome-shaped ceiling as screen
  • The interactive fear wall
  • The robots, did you see Astroboy?
  • Simulated airplane-flying and earthquake (although I got confused operating it)
  • The popcorn!
Will we come back? Maybe when she's in grade school. It's always nice to bring children to places like this and museums. I hope we'll be able to go to Museo Pambata (Children's Museum) one day.

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