03 May 2012

Our Beach Getaway

I'm not really a beach-lover. When the weather gets scorching hot, I prefer going to cooler places like Tagaytay. Since my eldest likes to frolic in water and play with sand, we headed to Puerto Galera one weekend. This was my first time to go there. It's also Caleb's and Cayla's first time to experience sand and sea. I also agreed because we'll be riding a boat to the island, which I had hoped my kids would enjoy. Maybe it depends on the kind of boat, because the ride was far from enjoyable. It was very hot inside. Since it's small and open, an air conditioner wasn't required. But I think it does 'cause they covered the windows so saltwater doesn't get us all wet. Then the boat became a heat trap.

Anyway, we did the usual stuff. We took a dip in the sea, no splashing around though because when the water gets in the eyes, you know there'd be wailing. Elle tried making a sandcastle, we collected stones, we walked on the shore, we sat on it and felt the waves on our bodies. We did all these late in the afternoon and early in the morning. When it got too hot, I didn't want us to stay under the sun.

With children, one of which was breastfeeding on demand, I cannot go out by myself for too long. I didn't get the chance to see what the nightlife was like there. I didn't get a henna tattoo or had my hair braided. The only unusual thing I experienced there was when I had a back massage on the sand. There were masseuses going around and people were really getting full body massages right there on the beach. It's perfect, I guess, since they were already half-naked. 

The ride back was not smooth as the boat was dancing like crazy. I think I got dizzy. Thank God my kids and I didn't throw up. The two younger ones were crying for the most part, though. The heat inside did not help at all! To be back on Batangas port was such a relief! My hubby said he could kiss the ground, but of course, he didn't. 

It really was a challenge to travel with very small children. But, thankfully, we all made it out unscathed. :-D

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