27 November 2012

What to give a guy for Christmas?

Recently, I have realized that it is a difficult task to think of Christmas gifts to give a guy. It could depend on the kind of guy, of course, but for me, an important guy in my life right now is my dear husband. I could give him solar panels to power our home, so to save on the electricity bills. Wouldn't it be great to harness a natural source of power directly? I know that he would appreciate that. But, I am not sure if it could be installed on a roof that is not ours since we're on the second floor of a shared building.

In case you're curious, this is how solar energy systems work in a home

Anyway, hubby is into photography and a new camera body is on his wish list. It's something I cannot afford. The one he's eyeing is the latest model of Canon, if I'm not mistaken. You know how latest models cost! He also wants a new set of computer with better specs which he could use to edit the pictures.

Guys like him would prefer to receive something useful, but most often than not, he already has it, if it's something he REALLY needs.

So, what would you suggest?

I have thought of giving him a pair of pants, a new belt, or maybe a pair of rubber shoes he could use for badminton. He already has many wallets and he doesn't wear a watch. So, I still have my thinking cap on. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.
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