15 April 2013

Draw For Fun... Again!

When I was younger, I was really very fond of drawing. I copied cartoon characters, drew people from my photo albums, made-up comic strips and drew girls in clothes I designed myself. That interest faded in college when I was drawing just for my course. That interest got lost when I started working.

Now, that I'm a mother and I have a child who likes to draw and likes to ask me to draw, I am being forced to revisit my old hobby. My skill is super rusty and I sometimes feel ashamed to draw for Elle. Well, I decided I want to polish my drawing skills, but this time, using the computer. I need to be technologically updated too, right? Or maybe I'm just too lazy to get a sketchpad, sharpen pencils and take out the eraser. And I think it's more practical since I'm on the computer during my free time. Maybe I'll use the pencils and paper when I'm out waiting and bored.

Here is something I tried using the tablet. pardon my very child-like drawing, I badly need practice. Just so you know, the background is provided by the program. I wish I could draw like that.

This is perfect for this very hot summer season. Enjoy!
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