09 May 2013

Snippets Of My Extraordinary Royal Caribbean Vacation: Shows On Board

When you're on board a cruise ship, there's never a shortage of entertainment for the guests. They would make sure that you don't get bored. Like I said before, they have a cruise compass, a sort of newsletter, a schedule of activities, they give out at the end of the day so you could plan your activities for the following day.

Here are some (three actually) shows I was able to catch. Glad there was an activity center for kids called Adventure Ocean where our Elle listened to stories and made crafts so I could have some time alone exploring and observing.

First was the Rock 'n' Roll Reunion Party with the Cruise Director's staff. They were teaching the guests how to dance the Jive with "pat/pat, clap/clap, shuffle/shuffle, mashed potato/mashed potato, hitchhike/hitchhike."

And then an Aerial Vignette, like an acrobatic show by aerialists. Below, there was a singer crooning the song A Whiter Shade of Pale.

The last one is a Farewell Variety Showtime, which featured an acrobatic (uber good-looking) couple performing stunts. They are Alan and Yulia Reva. :-)

I'm glad I convinced my hubby to watch it with me. It's really great to see live programs. And it was our last night on the Legend of the Seas. Here's a video of them in action.

If you get to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise, as much as possible, attend seminars, learn something new, join contests, dance with others and enjoy all the programs! 
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