14 May 2013

Souvenirs As Collection

When we travel, we would always love to have a souvenir to remind us of the great memories and experiences we acquired from our trip. For some, taking pictures in these places is good enough. Then there are those who buy something, anything to add to whatever collection they already have or are starting like paintings or home decor.
In my case, I collect keychains from various trips I had when I was younger, I even bought one when I visited Enchanted Kingdom for the first time.. I wish to organize that collection because it seems so messy at present. I also have keychains from trips that I myself did not go on. They were just gifts from my family. And I have keychains that were giveaways from companies or events. When I went on the Royal Caribbean cruise last March, I made sure I bought keychains from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and even from the cruise ship itself. I just need a good box to place all of them in.

Speaking of souvenirs, if you happen to go to Las Vegas, what better keepsakes to have than those that are casino-themed? The Victorian Casino Antiques would be wonderful for the really serious collectors of specialised or vintage items and for those that are well-traveled as well. 

Take for example this amazing painting of anything pertaining to Las Vegas. It even has real playing cards and chips on it!
image from icollector.com
Thinking of where to get awesome pieces such as this? Victorian Casino Auction offers a variety of collectors' items. One could also have the option of not being physically present during the auction since they have online auctions. Cool huh? 

I cannot seem to find any keychain on the site and since I love Disney, I would choose something small but memorable:
a vintage signed napier Mickey Mouse brooch
How about you? What kind of souvenir do you buy when you travel?

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