03 May 2013

Uneven floors? Need movable cabinets? Leveling casters are the answer!

Leveling casters are the solution to the age-old problem that industry still has with the need for flexible movement with a secure setting, and the ability to stop a caster in a particular location. Once the leveling foot is set in place, the caster is stable with no possibility of vibration. 
Accesscasters.com offers leveling casters that are the top in the field. They are used to move medical work stations, computers, communication infrastructure such as switchboards, woodworking and printing machinery, furniture as well as automation and assembly equipment. They are suitable to any manufacturing environment including laboratory facilities and clean rooms. The 80 series of adjustable leveling casters can be purchased in three sizes and are available with two sizes of plates. They also have: 
• Wheels with engineered plastic nylon that is strong and durable 
• Die cast steel inserted frame with aluminum alloy suitable for heavy applications 
• Chemically compounded rubber leveling pad 
• Easy change-over from stationary to mobile and back 
• Top plate made by drop forging Accesscasters.com offers leveling casters that have nylon wheels with plain bearings. 
The overall load capacity is 550 and it comes with the fastening bolt and nuts. There is a Nylon Wheel leveling caster for a larger load capacity of 700 pounds. Level casters remove the major effects of uneven floors. Everything stays level and easy to move. Level casters are an inexpensive way to shift equipment when necessary and avoid buying new. There are three sizes from which to choose, so there will be one to suit each requirement.
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