09 June 2013

Now you see me...

...now you don't!

Almost everyone is fascinated with magic. People young and old get so amazed when they watch magicians disappear or even do some simple magic tricks. A popular source of entertainment in the kiddie parties I have attended is a magic show weaved into the program. If you are also interested in magic, plus a good dose of mystery, then this movie will entertain you.

via www.beyondhollywood.com

Four magicians each answer a mysterious summons to an obscure address with secrets inside. A year later, they are the Four Horsemen, big time stage illusionists who climax their sold out Las Vegas show with a bank apparently robbed for real. This puts agents Dylan Rhodes of the FBI and Alma Vargas of Interpol on the case to find out how they did it. However, this mystery proves difficult to solve even with the insights of the professional illusion exposer, Thaddeus Bradley. What follows is a bizarre investigation where nothing is what it seems with illusions, dark secrets and hidden agendas galore as all involved are reminded of a great truth in this puzzle: the closer you look, the less you see. 
--- Written by Kenneth Chisholm (kchishol@rogers.com), via www.imdb.com
There are also some who are fascinated with magic in a different way. These are the ones who are set to debunk the secrets of magicians.

I watched this movie with my dear hubby and halfway into the movie, I asked him if he thinks it's good. He nodded. Because I was the one who chose what to watch, I'm happy he's not bored. I didn't actually know what Now You See Me was all about. I just heard the title of the movie on the radio, and based on the cast: Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, I decided on it! 

I thought the movie was fun because of the magic, exciting because of the mystery and chases, and a little anticlimactic because... Well, you just have to watch to see why it was so. :-)
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