05 March 2014

U.P. Town Center Day

It was Sunday and that means it's bike day. My hubby and I started riding our bikes in February almost every Sunday morning. We went to U.P. Diliman and joined the other bikers & the joggers. After maybe 3 times around the oval, I suggested that we bike to look for U.P. Town Center. Yikes! I was actually nervous about the idea of biking on an actual road. But, I really wanted to see the new place. So, off we went! 

The street outside U.P. had lots of ups and downs that normally couldn't be felt when riding a car. But, on a bike, wow! I had to fight in maintaining my balance while pedaling upwards with all my might until we reached the end of the street. We then turned right on Katipunan Avenue and started down the road for a while before Rix stopped to ask for directions. Turned out, we were going in the opposite direction. Uh-oh! We had to cross the wide street with fast on-coming cars to make a U-turn. Twice! 

Imagine my relief when we finally reached U.P. Town Center. Too bad J. Co wasn't open yet. We just rested and had breakfast at Family Mart. I felt quite tired and my knees were kind of like jelly. Rix understood my predicament, so after the food was finished, he biked back to U.P. to get the car. Yes, I waited for him there. Pathetic, I know!

I walked my folding bike around to explore the place. I waited for him afterwards so we could go home.

That afternoon, we were deciding where to go to get donuts and have dinner. We promised the kids we would take them out if they had their naps. And they did! Guess where we ended up?

At U.P. Town Center again! It was swarming with people when it was bare that morning. Nary a parking space was available so we opted for valet. Dinnertime found us at Dulcelin Gourmet. Of course, I wasn't able to take food pictures (frustrated food blogger)! Ella asked for dessert after the meal and cannot wait to head outside to buy.

Donuts for dessert! I fell in line for almost forever and was a bit sad to see that some flavors were out of stock. Is it always like that in J. Co? This was my first time to try this brand. We always buy KK. 

On the way out, I felt tempted to buy a striped shirt from Cotton On. But, with three kids in tow? I pushed the idea out of my mind.

So, that's how our Sunday went. We visited U.P. Town Center twice in one day. Have you been there? What did you think of it?
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